Government extends Levy Control Framework

November 2015
Government extends Levy Control Framework

Our report UK offshore wind in the 2020s warned that short term policy and funding uncertainties will undermine the UK’s ability to decarbonise during the 2020s. Our slidepack Achieving large volume, least cost, low carbon electricity in the 2020s made the case that offshore wind is more deliverable, has better cost reduction opportunities, and is better suited to UK export opportunities than many low carbon alternatives.

We were invited by the Offshore Wind Programme Board to discuss our conclusions; and, in a survey of senior industry executives carried out for the Committee on Climate Change, our concept of ‘commit and review’ was strongly endorsed. 

‚ÄčThe new government, in line with our recommendations, has since announced it will extend the Levy Control Framework into the 2020s. In particular, it committed to supporting 10GW of offshore wind, so long as industry cost reduction continues, as well as to spending £730 million of annual support on renewable electricity projects over this parliament.

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